To me, a petite girl, that is polite, soft and coming from a little island in the middle of mediteranian, took a lot of talents and study to achieve to be seen and heard around the world. Studied Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins in London, holder of Diploma in Piano, and the curiocity of understanding nature, life, and the meaningful forces behind them, are the ingredients of my Jewel.
My Jewel! Whatever i was straggling for, for all my life, it all ended up in one Jewel! I was always apart into pieces, doing this here, learning that there and feeling that I would never focus in one thing, as my interests are always diffused. Until one day I had to do something out of boredom!

Every step I achieved in my life is now included in different Collections.

Feeling Gemotional

This collection represents my sincere boredom! At the beginning of 2000, I had everything fixed, friends, love, work, hobbies, but still…I was bored. Then, I found a book of macramé jewelry and my interest woke up! Since then I wake up doing ½ hour yoga, meditate a bit, got into psychology. My motto is “something must have started from nothing”. To me it means that a mineral in cave is just a stone, until you look at it closer and place it through the sunrays. Then is a precious unexplained something that gives meanings you can only feel, just by gazing the gemstones.

Exploring Nature Collection

Nature is challenging you to give a closer look at the scarcity of little parts that you feel lucky to have found in the wild. Catch it with your net, place it at the microscope and there, you have a concept! I travel far away from my country, to have unexpected adventures, to sail and tie ropes, to swim in the corals, to live within other cultures. As I explore the new, my objectiveness weakens and imagination mixes with reality. Have to tell stories from exotic places that I am the only one who has witnessed, have to explain by creating from my head. Exploring the new inspires an imaginary reality, the birth of a concept.

Flirting Around Collection

This collection represents the most challenging process, the development of an idea. Playing with materials, meeting people and understanding their needs, making art with children, it all results in creating. In 2006 I created a fun board game called “Flirt”. I included there all the fun, the laugh, the good feelings and compliments that are missing from our daily routine. Materials can be a playful thing, but the human charm is what makes our mood to playful. Sometimes we play “Flirt” with friends and this collection is named after it!

Musical Knots Collection

Cord was my first material. Note by note, step by step, word by word, the piano, the dance and the writing I was studying since a kid, are still giving the rhythm to my macramé. Pythagoras created harmony with the analogy of the numbers. This harmony became the music, the closest human creation to the divine. Knot by knot with all the time of world needed, to exercise, learn and develop a Jewel that its details can remind you melodies of patience. This collection reminds me to evaluate the whole that is just a line of a cord.

Simply Metal Collection

Simplicity perfectly accents beauty with discreet, smart and chic aesthetics. Silver is the color of the Greek goddess Artemis (Roman aspect: Diana). It symbolizes purity, strength, clarity, focus, and the feminine energy. This collection reflects organizing and management skills that had to take place to make life easy and simple. Putting beads into boxes expanded into a workshop in a room. Taking clear pictures and retouching them, I spent the other half of creation on my desk. It all became a day at work from the jewelry studio to the computer desk. The message here is that we ourselves can be flexible enough to be molded into something better – but strong enough to keep our core integrity in tact. Watch out for the strange things though, laugh a bit and make your day at work another good habit of simplicity.

Leather Recycle Collection

When I became a founding and active member of an Alternative Exchange Currency System in my island, I got inspired to create this collection. When you give away your precious creation, you get apart from your feelings and connection with it. What you will get as a reward is something that you need to recycle yourself. This is called selling in the western world. I like to call it recycle exchange!

Meanwhile…don’t forget to keep daydreaming and smile!

This is my Jewel For You.

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